Short Comedy Videos by Sue Swenson

Here is a short collection of our "coffee break" videos for your enjoyment.

"The Interview Series 3"



"Heartbreak Interview" 

Candace, the HR Director, learns that her boyfriend is leaving her… smack in the middle of her interview with a job applicant.




"Crash My Interview"

What if a needy employee walked in and crashed YOUR interview for a job?



"Surprise Interview"

What if employers started interviewing applicants at their HOME - unannounced?


"Jenson Brothers Interview"

"Sibling rivalry" is nothing new but watch how it sabotages this job interview.


"Pool Interview"

Even at poolside, Candace, the HR Director, takes her job a bit too seriously.


"Win That Job!"

In a recession, some companies really make their job applicants jump through hoops. Game show anyone?


"Speed Layoffs"

Speed dating can be stressful, but it’s a cakewalk compared to speed LAYOFFS!



"Layoff Blues"

Anyone is vulnerable to being laid off – even the Layoff Queen herself!


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